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On this episode of the #weekend-engagement blog prompt,i will be attending to the question below which in one way or another and at different situations I have benefitted from.

Generosity is a wondrous thing and comes with great benefit for the giver and receiver. Has someone shown generosity towards you? Tell us who it came from, what form the generosity took, how it was delivered and what impact or effect it had upon you or your relationship with the giver.

In terms of giving, I am big on giving to people who are in need, not just the less privileged because even people that think they have it all at some point in their lives still have something they yearn for and cannot get except they receive from others. Thus, in giving one is receiving, I am trying to say that to whom much is given much is expected. It's just like karma, you stretch out your hands to your neighbors someday someone will reach out to you when in need. Although some people can be so ungrateful.

Someone,in fact people have shown great generosity toward me and I can never forget, I did not even believe it at that point as I was so vulnerable. This act of generosity was carried out to me by my catholic fellowship members back then in school. I was sick and couldn't even move from my bed. They found out and early the next morning, rushed me to the school health center(jaja) where I was immediately transferred as an emergency patient to the university College hospital (UCH) in Ibadan. I would have mentioned names because they came out in their numbers but Joseph, Chinedu, Chinwe, Cornelius and Blessing (God bless you guys) we're very helpful and I didn't expect it because I wasn't much of a social person but I was active.
Even at the hospital, they prayed with me, visited me, brought food, fruits, water and clothes for me and even paid some bills they could handle. I was grateful because I had no one in the town as I lived far away from there but I found a family in them🤗

This act of generosity and kindness really had a great impact and effect in my relationship with them. I saw them more differently than just be my fellow colleagues in church but someone you can share stuffs with and they help effortlessly.

It has also shaped my thinking of people, do not judge people because you do not know their capacity and what they could do to help you in time of need. There are several instances of generosity shown to me by friends that I can ever forget.

To think of all I have written, I am really grateful to @galenkp for the wonderful blog prompt, it's touching and relatable.