Trying to shoot my sister and her daughter as photo objects


Hi, my dear Hive friends and family. Good afternoon and I hope you have a very pleasant day. Today I want to share some of my shots with the model. The models in this photo are my older sister and her daughter. This photo I took this when we went to a place last week.

This is how I learned the technique of taking pictures with models. Since I'm still learning in the field of photography, the results I show may not look good enough. But by continuing to learn how to take photos, I'm sure I'll be able to master it.

Lately, I often shoot many objects around me while practising and honing my skills in the field of photography. But I can't post everything because there are many shortcomings in the photos I shoot. For those of you who want to be anything, keep practising your skills because this is a process of success to reach goals. There is no success without the process of practising and learning. Don't give up!

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