Vacation with family - Buntul Rintis Gayo Central Aceh

hello Hive friends,

Gayo is one of the highlands in aceh, one of the attractions that many local tourists visit from various regions, you can enjoy the views of the hills this area is one of the coffee producers in aceh, the Buntul rintis tourist attraction. Not a few visitors come to Buntul Rintis for such a beautiful view of Gayo, Buntul Rintis has lots of various instagenic photo spots, with beautiful natural landscapes you can see very clearly Koto Takengon and the fresh sea.


Buntul Rintis also has a variety of instagenic photo spots, with natural landscapes that are pleasing to the eye, in addition to photo spots for tourists, there is a hanging bicycle ride that can trigger your adrenaline, for visitors to enjoy exciting things. The place is never deserted, always crowded with visitors, especially on Saturdays or Sundays, many visitors go with their families, the peak height of the trailhead tour reaches 1,730 meters above sea level.




The price of admission to the bounty trail tour for one person is 50 thousand rupiah

Buntul Rintis also provides food and drink

Types of food and drinkPrice
Fried IndomieRp. 20 ribu rupiah
French friesRp. 55 ribu rupiah
Pop Mie10 ribu rupiah
Mineral water10 ribu rupiah

Ristin's tail place is very comfortable and clean, very suitable for your family and office friends to vacation here on the weekends