Enjoy the atmosphere of the reservoir at night


Good evening, friends, wherever you are, on this occasion, I and some of my colleagues showed me one of the places that I usually show in some of my posts, namely the Lhokseumawe City Reservoir.

The Lhokseumawe City Reservoir is one of the favorite places where Dian's teenagers and parents of course will enjoy the atmosphere there in the afternoon and at night because the location is also very strategic and also very cool because of the wind that blows of course we can enjoy the things that are there.

While sitting on one of the legs there I bought batagor with my friends and enjoyed with me ordering mineral water while my friend ordered cold lemon tea of course we spent time together chatting and also enjoying the atmosphere that was there.

Just hold it batagor, but I also buy peanuts there or better known as boiled peanuts, of course while chatting at night enjoying what is there is one thing that is very fun and also very enjoyable for us



All This Photo Taken With :

Location PhotoAceh
Camera usedSmartphone

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