Lassecash Future Token (Another Contest worth 0.4-0.8$ Minimum every post and comment )


Many of you guys would have seen lassecash in hive-engine. The thing is its has increase with the rate of about 100%

If you haven't seen it login to hive-engine through your favorite login method i have used hivesigner ❤️ and search for the token Lassecash

See the market depth

watch yourself by clicking here

So here you Can buy this Impressive future token and by staking you could earn same like you are earning on Hive it has separate vote worth at their website

Here is the website

So whats the benefit of Using it ?

The best benefit is when people vote their its automatically voted here so You would get double Bonus ☺️ On lassecash and On hive aswell. Mostly people knew about neoxian and others but new users mostly don't know about it.

Gradually you would learn About these biggest platforms

Coming to the Contest

While Talking with Owner of Lassecash @lasseehlers And with his support i would like to organize a contest for the promotion of Lassecash ( i want you guys to earn their aswell ) Its for your own benefit ( comment below if you think i am wrong )

also after staking Lassecash you could set auto votes automatically as you do on Hive so you could also earn good curation rewards.

So About the contest here are rules


for comments

  • Upvote reesteem and comment (any questions,queries,about this post or Lassecash or contest)
  • As i want to promote the name Lassecash So more people can earn benefit, You should Comment in three different communities Adding promotion
    for example :
    After your usuall comment related to post add this like

Hey @user do you know there is a contest going on which is free and you could earn lassecash + hive vote minimum of (0.8$ worth ) So [here is the link for details] ( link of this post )

After the queries ( if any ) Comment below done

For Posts

  • Upvote , reesteem , comment below the link of your post with minimum 200 words ( you could include anything Non plagiarized,Self content )
  • Use tag #lassecash as the first tag.


Rewards are Upvotes by me (i have delegation on Lassecash) and @lasseehlers

Also its free reward as its benefitial for you, You can double your earnings [ Win Win Situation]

Also I would like to Share this With my

Project Hope Family As well

Gems Community

Venezuelan community

the contest is open for all So share much as you can :)


IDK man, I didnt approve this... on the other hand everyone is welcome on LASSECASH with decent content.