After seeing doctor ,Bird no. 16 is already cured and prompt to go back to nature.

Thank you for all of your encouragements.
Bird no. 16 already go to see the doctor today.


There are so many kinds of pets with their boss who love and care them so much here.
Everyone looks worried with the sickness of their pet.
And I hope all of them would get well soon like No.16 that made me so worried at first also.

And actually today No.15 came to check up also.


But after checking No. 15 still want some treatment.
But No.16 is already cured.
After checking his injured at his eye, check up his body , everything is ok.

Tomorrow we would give him back to nature.
I already found a good place for him to start a new life.
Let he has freedom and good life good family good luck in the near future.


For tonight every birds go back home take a good rest in warm place.
I take No.16 back to the bird temperature cabinet go get warm before going back to nature.


And tomorrow he could start his new life in a new save and good place with many friends.

Thank you everyone for the good encouragements and for your kindness to No.16.😍