Ugly and Old


I feel like I can't meet people anymore,
Or go out of home, like I did before,
At forty, rejected all my life,
Ugly and unwanted, full of strife.

Nobody wants to be with me,
Not the ones I loved, it's clear to see,
Ugly, old, and lonely I've become,
My life feels like it's already done.

I don't see any future, no light,
Not ready for it, I can't take the fight,
Lonely all my life, now breaking down,
My ugliness the only thing that's found.

I think about it every single hour,
My appearance, my face, my power,
God didn't listen, people didn't understand,
Why am I like this, it's not what I planned.

I wish I could sleep and never wake,
No more pain, no more heartache,
But I'll keep on fighting, just to see,
If there's still hope left for someone like me.

Image Source: Pixabay
PS: I just feel a bit depressed today so never mind.