These are my two cats! Shadow hunters contest edition!

Well... I did had two cats but this is just one of them! 'This one is Mimi and she died 3 years ago! I took here from the shelter and she lived with me for 16 years! And because she was pitch black, and I wasn't very good in photography, it was very difficult to take pictures of here! The camera just couldn't focus properly, so almost all the pictures were blur, and almost always the pictures were over exposed to! The camera thought it was just to dark to take good pictures!

My camera now has got eye recognition in it! So if you focus on a person or animal, the camera automatically is focusing on the eye's! I didn't figure out exactly how that works but I definitely will play with that some time!

But if I think of shadow hunters, this picture immediately pops in my mind! It's just if there are two cat in frame! I just love this picture of here! 😻


I still miss here! 💔