Woohoo! I have 0 EGO and 50 LVL!


YES! It was a long way, but I reach 0 ego!
I had this parameter over 60!
Before my post it was 40.


But now ZERO)


So you can imagine how many times I take lessons.

I want to get a millionaire card. I see good potential in this game. Not in just for gaming, but for future income. I know people who do a really good income with games because they did investments in good, correct time. But now I can't just buy it, because have some deals with family etc, etc. But I want to wait for warm weather and play music on the street to save money for that)) hah) Also I hope I sell some of my NFT for that)

Btw, here is my NFT shop: https://nftshowroom.com/gulia.peito/gallery

I think this game has a big future and wanna just to be on this ship. This fun process and starbits generating have more sense than money system in the real world. So just continue play and do my main music writing job.

Btw, look at my last beat/backing track:

And have a good day!