Do You Have A Food Storage?


Mylar bags are a great way to store food! You can store low moisture, low fat foods with Mylar and some foods can even last up to 30 years. Oxygen, moisture, light, and temperature can make or break your food storage, and Mylar can help you make it!

We recently experienced a baby formula shortage, but did you know you can store formula for 3-5 years with Mylar? I store all of my freeze dried foods in Mylar like vegetables, fruit, and even eggs! Have you ever used Mylar?

Long term food storage! Just because it can last for a long time doesn’t mean you can’t eat it now. Keep your food storage active and rotate through it so you don’t miss expiration dates and allow things to go to waste!

The other benefits of living out here on the homestead is all the fresh meat! Source local the taste is unbeatable!!

For tips on building your own food storage check out Send me tips on building a food storage

Till next time my friends, stay happy, stay healthy.

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