Carnivorous "unboxing" Including Fly Traps


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New Plant Order

I had planted a bunch of seeds in the fountain but then I got impatient, so I looked at the site where I had purchased my first few insect eaters.

They wanted to avoid traffic so they told me they would send the plants on a motorcycle carrier service. I was worried how these delicate guys would survive a twenty mile journey.


I got a few calls as I was waiting for them to arrive. The owners had been advising me as the plants got closer and closer to the city center. I still thought they were being jostled around on the back of a motorcycle in traffic. That is how it came last time.

I was extremely pleased to see Belen walking toward my door as I waited for a motorcycle. They had driven them here themselves, Eric and Belen, and I did not get to meet Eric because he was a block away making sure the car doesn't get towed.

She brought them in a tray to keep them nice.

So my unboxing was thwarted, but I still wanted to introduce you all to my new bunch that will work diligently with the old bunch to make my garden pest free.

Thanks for tuning in.

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