'Song 46' - New Original Music - A New Timed Songwriting Challenge + Timelapse


Song 46.jpeg

I had a quick break this afternoon

and decided to do a quick 20 minute timed songwriting challenge. I actually started with a tapeloop here, one of the guitar loops I made a while back, played at a super low-speed which wound up putting us in Eb major. I added some guitar, through the Microcosm, just for some more ambience. These 2 together make up the intro and outro (the outro has one other clip). In the middle is more of an actual 'song' idea, with 2 guitar parts, each using a different Microcosm effect. I also got my expression pedal in the mail finally; it had been on hold until Sweetwater got more in stock, so I had that hooked up and controlling the wet/dry of the Microcosm. Having this will be a lot of fun, and make live playing with guitar, bass and keys and the pedal much easier. I'm also thinking one of these days I'm going to try and just use the Microcosm and Digitakt, and use the 8 midi tracks on the Takt and automate all sorts of Microcosm settings. It's a bit of a project to set up and make sure everything works well, but I think it will be worth the effort. Anyway, back to this song... I added a bass, simple part but I like it. Finally, I played a Digitone part live on the device, which also ran through the Microcosm. The outro then happens, with the same intro parts, plus one of the guitar lines from the mid-section, pitched down and slowed down by an octave. Overall, I'm happy with the results, considering the time limit.

Check out Song 46 here...

Hope you enjoy!

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