'RelaxZ' - New Original Music - An Idea From Last Night, More of a 'Complete' Song Outline - Electronic/Instrumental


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This is definitely not a completed

Various effects on Track 8 (as well as some others)
song, BUT, I think it's the most fully outlined idea in quite a while, which I'm happy with. I had started with a chord progression on a PianoTeq 'prepared piano' sound (pictured below), and just sort of built from there. The progression is a group of stacked 5ths, then a Cmaj9 arpeggio, then that whole thing slides up a whole step and repeats. I then added the 'Road Monger' drum kit, which, in addition to drum sounds, has some keyboard one-shots, which I recorded and tweaked (Track 5), which gives us another layer that I think made this a lot more interesting. The drums themselves are in Tracks 2, 3, 4 and 10 (Track 10 is the hi-hat loop). I actually had a slower hat pattern originally, with a swingier pattern, but I removed that when I found that hi-hat sample, but I didn't change the swing pattern on the kicks/snares. This works alright, but I think I need to get rid of the swing groove, and then alter some of the kicks to 'fake' a swing at some parts, but not as often as it currently is happening. There's a break where things change to a 4 bar pattern, and a horn track comes in (Tracks 12 and 13), which is fine, but it feels like things drop out pretty hard there, so I need to fill that in a bit. Overall, I like the direction of this. Granted, it needs quite a bit of work still, but I'll keep messing with it and share the results. Unrelated to this song, there was a brand new Syntakt update pushed today which added two BRAND NEW instruments! One digital machine, and one analog machine. I'll need to play around with these, but I'd like to utilize them in something over the holiday weekend and share the video/audio here for sure.

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Tracks 7 and 8, Piano Chords

Listen to RelaxZ here...

Hope you enjoy!

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