'On Er' - New Original Music - Another Late Night Idea - Electronic/Instrumental + Walkthrough


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So this was another random idea

Track 8, 909 Kit, Kicks
which I based on that 'Ghastle' idea a bit, using a bunch of little clips from Ashlight (and Pharlight) demos, and some drums with a Thermal distortion. In this case, the session itself is in 5/8, although its pretty hard to tell, as none of the harmonic/melodic instruments really provide an obvious pattern... there are 3 chord changes, moving from Bmin to Cmin to Amin, but over the course of 16 bars, divided into 6 bars for Bmi, 6 bars for Cmin, and 4 for Amin, before repeating. There are almost no MIDI instruments, and audio clips don't provide particularly interesting screenshots, so I just tried to include anything that was screenshotable here, haha. Tracks 1 through 6 are the various clips from those demos, which outline our chords, and some random little melodic lines that flow in and out. Track 7 was a basic drum beat, which was actually just some of the preset beats on the CR-78 from Native Instruments, which you get by holding down single notes... sort of cheating, but I liked how they sounded with the Thermal distortion. Last up is Track 8, some kicks, using a basic 909 kit. Overall, not the most complicated idea, but I like the general idea, so I'm going to listen to it some more, play around a bit and see where it goes.

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Track 7, Audio of a drum beat, Thermal Distortion on original MIDI track

Listen to On Er here...