'IGM' - New Original Music - Playing with the Jup8 Demo - Electronic/Instrumental


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So this is a random idea from last night

Track 1 midi, Audio in Tracks 6 and 7 and variations in other tracks
which has some parts I like, and others that are super out of place. This was sort of just an experiment, using the Jup8-V demo from Arturia, along with the 'IDM Drums' Max for Live plug-in to get some weird randomized drum stuff. The basic progression pictured to the right here is outlined by most of the tracks (with some variation), putting us in Cminor for most of the song. Tracks 2 and 3 modulate us to C major temporarily, though there are some interesting dissonances there; the preset used in Track 3 just plays single notes: C, F, Eb and Bb, though an arpeggiated major line happens above each one. I like that part, but it doesn't fit with the rest, so I dunno maybe I'll use it elsewhere. Track 5 is a weird addition, which just holds an Eb, but has a whole Lydian thing happen above it; this again adds some dissonances against the Cminor line below it, which I like but probably needs some tweaking as it doesn't fit as well at every point. There's a few spots where the dissonance is just too much. The drums in Tracks 9 and 10 both came from using that 'IDM Drums' plug-in on a drum kit, to create a pattern with various randomized glitching and jumping around; I like it overall, though again, there are parts that don't work that well... sort of the vibe of the whole song, haha. I'll mess with this and see where things go, maybe it'll evolve into a more cohesive idea, maybe not. I'll share the results either way.

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Jup8-V Demo, Used for Various Synths

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