'Glick Srease (#2)' - Original Music - Sunday Songs I'd Like to Revisit Someday - Rock/Jazz(ish)/Instrumental



I didn't have anything new

that really justified a full post today, and I didn't really want to do a super old, high school song throwback, so I figured I'd try something new and go back a year or two or three, and find a song that I'd like to eventually revisit, and work with in a new way. I've had a playlist on my Soundcloud of a set of 4 songs, which were all based around the same instruments (bass guitar, some keyboards, and drums), using odd-meters of different kinds, and sort of basic harmonic ideas, which modulate through a few different keys to make them more interesting. This was #2 in that series of 4, and is one of my favorites from that. You can tell immediately that the mix sucks, as I quite literally spent NO time on that, mostly just focusing on the songwriting instead. However, I really dig the general idea, and I think if I sat down with this and really worked on it, it could be a really solid idea. I was also thinking of taking the general harmonic idea and rhythmic structure, and building something more synthesized and electronic around it, instead of the acoustic (mimicking) instruments used here. We'll see what happens...

Listen to Glick Srease (#2) here...