'Giants Mountain' - New Original Music - More Fun w/ Spitfire BBC Symphony Orchestra - Orchestral/Instrumental


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I was playing with some more Spitfire

Tracks 6 and 7, Strings (Viola Section), Harp
sounds last night, and kept layering BBC Symphony Orchestra sounds, eventually resulting in this. I don't love how repetitive it is, and think it needs a lot more variation, as its sort of just a basic chord progression, spread across multiple instruments, but it's a start, and I think it could become something cool. It'd be hard to go through every single track here, as there are so many, but the basic progression for the A section (Blue in Track 2) moves D to G, C to D, Bmin to Amin, D to Bmin before repeating. There is also a B section, all in Red (well mostly), which moves from C to F (adding an interesting dissonance in an otherwise very diatonic idea), C to D, C to Bmin, C to D. There are a few little things that I think need to change more often, like the pizzicato/staccato strings at the start of each A section; it's a little too much of the same thing, so maybe I'll find a way to have that pop in and out some more. The timpanis need a little work too, though at certain points, they work pretty well. I do like the harp, pizz. violas, and celeste parts, which aren't super obvious, but add an interesting background element. Overall, I like the idea, but think it needs some work to become a more solid idea, so we'll see what happens.

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Tracks 4 and 5, Horns and Pizz. Strings

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