'Floatational' - New Original Music - Something from Last Night


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So this idea happened pretty randomly

last night; I had an instance of PianoTeq open, and initially just dropped in some notes outlining an F#minAdd9 arpeggio (we're in F#minor), which I liked the sound of, so I started expanding on that, and wound up with the main part of this track. That arpeggiated part got filled in a bit more to make variation 1, then more (at the higher end) for variation 2. I then just merged the arpeggios into chords for the green/teal bits, which are now the intro, break and outro. Track 2 was doubled in Track 3, with a different piano from PianoTeq just to expand the sound a bit. Tracks 4, 5 and 6 were all sounds from Arturia's Jup-8 demo. Track 3 is plays single notes, following the piano's bass part, though this isn't low enough to explicitly be a bass line. I figured it just added some cool synthy texture. Track 5 played a little single note part, very simplified compared to the arpeggios in Tracks 2 and 3, just to add some variation and accent chord changes when they happen. Finally we have Track 6, which was a bassier synth; this just plays a very sparse part, again only playing those same notes from the piano's bass part. I also wound up playing around with automating tempo changes on the master track, but only at the end of the intro, the break, and outro. I like it, though not sure if it is really needed here or not, so we'll see what happens as I add things and edit this more.

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Tracks 2 and 3, Piano Parts

Listen to Floatational here...

Hope you enjoy!

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