'Etherics' - New Original Music - 10 Minute Songwriting Exericise - Electronic/Instrumental + Walkthrough


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I was a bit bored last night and didn't

Tracks 5 and 6, More Synthiness
really have anything particularly interesting that I was working on, so I decided to try a 10 minute challenge, and this is the result (sort of). Technically, only Tracks 1-5 are the 10 minute challenge, I cheated and added Track 6 after the fact, haha. I started with Track 1, and outlined the bass line pictured below in Orange. We're in Dmin, however, in the first portion, there is a B natural adding a little more interest than just a D to C to Bb line. The next part is weirder though, moving from C to A to Eb, then that whole bit down a whole step, Bb to G to Db, before returning to the top, I figured I'd just try and get weird and dissonant throughout. Track 2 adds the twinkly line in pink below, which sort of floats in and out. Track 3 adds a sort of melody line, which adds a little more dissonance; over the D-C-B bass parts, it moves from D to F# to F, adding that major and minor 3rd to keep it weird. Track 4 was another melody line of sorts, but wound up just being a single note drone, as the instrument chosen doesn't change pitch when you play different notes, lol. Track 5 was the last addition in the 10 minutes, another bass synth, outlining the same basic idea as Track 1, but with fewer notes overall. Finally, we have Track 6 which adds a single note synth line that swells in at certain points. Overall, I actually like this idea; it's rough, and could use a lot of work, but there is potential in the weirdness, so I'll see what happens!

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Tracks 1 and 2, Orange and Pink

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Enjoy the tuneage!

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