'Earth Voyage' - New Original Music - More Fun Time Wasting w/ a New ROLI Soundpack - Electronic/Instrumental + Walkthrough


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Despite my best efforts to not do so,

Tracks 4 and 5, More Sounds from ROLI
I went and bought more ROLI soundpacks last night, lol. The first is 'Earth Voyager', which is supposed to be a compilation of various sort of 'earthy' sounds, sort of electronically built world music timbres; the other, 'Etheric Pads', which has some awesome soundscapey stuff that I will for sure be using. This is a pretty straight-forward idea, there are two parts, A part (the big sections with all the tracks) and B section (the parts where Tracks 9, 10, and 11 play). The A part starts on D, to C6, D, and G, and the B part, C, Bmin, C and Bmin again. I think if I keep these same instruments, but expand each section, adding some more changes, maybe some other sounds, this could become something pretty cool. I'll listen to it a bit over the next day and see if any ideas come to me, and be sure to share accordingly.

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Tracks 7 and 8, More 'Earthy' Sounds

Listen to Earth Voyage here...