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I was writing about this movie in a movie review community, then I saw this content pop up. It was as if @ecency-star was reading my mind 😂.

I watch movies in my free time but not always due to work and school. I love watching Hollywood and Nollywood.
I watched a Hollywood movie and since then it has become my favorite. The name of the movie is Fantasy football.


The movie displays a family that consists of a man, woman and daughter.
The daughter was very good at playing football video games because her dad was a real life player. Due to age her dad was not good at playing and one of his colleagues would always make fun of him and he was in pain.

One day when they went to play video games , his daughter played with his colleague and won . He gave her a card for video games. The same day the man and his daughter had an argument under the rain and they were struck by thunder and ever since then any time she plays video games her dad plays the exact same thing in the field and this made him win games.

People started wondering how someone who wouldn't play well started doing so well. This was affecting his daughter's life in school because she was among the robotics team.
Well she had to throw away the card which got her dad angry.

At the last day of the game that would decide her dad being champion, at first her dad was playing well. As a programmer using python she figured out possible patterns to play to win the game. She went to the coach and told him and he listened, well they won the match and it was a win-win to her. She also won her robotics competition.

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