Learning is an event that compels you to increase in knowledge, wisdom and experience.
There are many ways to learn and art is one of them. For me art is the manifestation of human creativity and skills, it's a representation or proof of the peculiar style or pattern of a person that conveys a message to others.
Art is anything that speaks to the soul and ignites something in the mind of the beholder.


Art has always been something I was drawn to as a little girl, from poems, spoken words, drawings, sculptures, paintings and many other forms and expressions of art.
Amongst the forms of art, painting has always been at the top of the list (even though I couldn't paint 😂), I was and still fascinated by the ability of a person to create images that tell a story and are aesthetically pleasing through the use of colours (and other painting tool 🌚 ).


I'm big on colours, I find them very interesting especially when different colours are used in a synchronised manner, it's just very exciting to look at. The first thing I look out for in a painting are colours and alignment of colours, how they blend and complement each other, how the artist chooses to play with colours is an indication of his/her style, because in art there's no bad or good paintings.
I cannot fully describe the effect of paintings but I know for sure that it is therapeutic, merely looking at a work of art just springs up hope from within me and like Picasso said " Everything you can imagine is real".
Paintings bring about a sense of great possibilities, it gives us the opportunity to realize our supernatural power and every time I see a painting that speaks to me, I'm reminded that the best is yet to come. I can just feel what ever inspiration the artist had, that how deep the concept of art is.


At this point, art is more than just the physical, it works hand in hand with the other realm to satisfy us in one way or the other, it could be thirst for inspiration, entertainment or just anything.
Just like life, we humans are seasonal and most of the time we crave periodical shift to enable us focus in other to permit maximum growth to make us better and better, art is just that force that invites the distraction we need.


This is painting of a woman in several forms is a beautiful masterpiece, I can't get over the fact that it sends across a different message every time I look at it.
I can tell the artist was inspired by the diversities embedded in womanhood and I found that very thrilling.
When I first entered the art gallery, I felt like a whole new person, I don't know why but I just felt brand new🙃, for a moment all I could think of was how beautiful the world will be if we had paintings on every street and corner 🌚 (quite impossible but it would be Soo cool).
I had a swell time, I took pictures that would last a lifetime time 😂



I will like to end my post with a quote by Aristotle "The soul operates on two levels: the rational, which takes in what can be seen and measured, and the sphere beyond the rational, which defies human comprehension and belongs in the realm of the gods.

And I think that ART speaks to the soul in the both levels and every artist is a god ✨

Thank you for staying with me till this point🥰, it means alot to me, I hope to see you again in my next post❤️


hello friend how beautiful all that art exhibition including your natural beauty God bless you a hug peace be with you 😉🤗