Hello people 😊 What's good? What's happening?
Well I will tell you what is (drum rolls) Me! I am happening (lol) I just got into hive and I am honestly loving this experience, even though I have been here for a couple of days now, I still feel brand new, trying to get familiar with basic features and see how others are running things around here phew!!! I am really excited to be on here and doing this right now (literally Writing this with a big grin on my face).


How a person describes their life is a reflection of how they see life in general, so as much as possible I will mirror my life to the world because I honestly believe that people make people and you never can tell who becomes better by listening, looking or even reading your life😁.
And I just want to add that I think hive is a very interesting blockchain, it doesn't just earn you money but gives you an opportunity to meet people all over the world and connect with like minds, get inspired from various events that people share on here, I have been here for a few days and I think I'm addicted already 😅, I could just spend the whole day reading through people's post and stories like I'm presently experiencing it, learning and feeling the emotions of the other person probably at the other end of the earth, how cool is that? This is the coolest ever!!

At this point I will dive right into the reason for this post 😂, I blab alot and I don't know when to stop talking, I hope I don't end up talking off🤦.
So........ Let the show begin!!! 🤣





My name is Grace Ben Okafor, I know my parents named me grace because of my personality my entire being is full of grace and I mean it, every where you look you see grace all over, I don't mean to show off but if you get to meet me you would know what I'm talking about 😉.
I am a 23 years old Nigerian princess girl (in all obviousness. Lol), my both parents are from Aniocha south local government area in Delta state, Nigeria so that means that I am too 🌚.
I am "Delta-igbo", guys!! This is something I get alot, I don't even have to say too much, alot of people can guess my origin. For those that don't know, "Delta-igbo" is used to identify people from the southern part who share origin with people from the east of my country Nigeria and just incase you didn't notice I will just chip in right here that I am proudly igbo😁.
I was born on the 11th of November, Scorpio is my zodiac sign but please don't be scared of me (lol) I am a sanguine very emotional and less self willed, I even think it's contradictory but it's cool either ways.

My family is a tight one made of of just four people, my both parents and an angel in disguise ( my big sister). I love my family so much, they make me better in every sense and my big sister is just the best, she is my friend, therapist, counselor, critic literally everything in one and I count my self blessed and lucky to have landed in this family.


I do have cousins and other relatives that are close as well but I want to be more personal in my post so I will only talk about my immediate family.
I grew up in Asaba, the capital of Delta state in southern Nigeria located at the western bank of the Niger River, it's is a beautiful city well known for its numerous social activities due to the presence of high population and interesting sites, social amenities like malls, cinemas, hotels, parks and lots of fun places, I have alot of fun and beautiful memories in this city. After my primary and nursery education, I travelled to enugu for my secondary education because a good friend of my dad recommended the school and it was good, I didn't regret that atall because I enjoyed moving around.






The passion of my whole family is health, I grew up in the midst of a lab scientist and a nurse, my both parents are in the health sector, my big sister is big on health related discussions and I think it is the reason behind my interest in health and hygiene topics, like I literally cannot joke about my health because any chance my mum gets, I get a health talk😂I don't know how she does it, like she has her script already written down or something.
I honestly wish to study nursing in New Zealand by the unfailing grace of God, I pray that I live my dream pretty soon. I have completed my secondary education and have been trying to go to my dream school, my visa is ready now to study nursing at New Zealand but dad said I have to hold on a bit due to the war issues (He fears that it can result to something bigger )









I am a writer, I don't know what type of writer I am just yet but I sure love to write alot, I am a dancer, model, tourist, marketer, and cryto lover ( abit of a novice but...).
I love dancing and modeling because for me it is a way to express my inner being, my creativity and beauty, it brings me so much joy and fulfilment that I honestly cannot describe expressively, I love it like fishes love water, that's their life and they can't survive without it and that's how I feel when modeling or dancing. I am not a professional tourist but I love to visit new places, see new people and learn new things. Being in different environments is a way of getting first hand education, and like they say experience is the best teacher so traveling and site seeing is a means of learning from the best.
I enjoy nature and I love art so much. I do because they spark excited and creativity, you just feel things so deeply when they are associated with nature and sometimes I wish I could paint so well because mere looking at paintings inspire me.








I'm always excited to meet people and I genuinely want to know them very well, listen to their story and how their experiences has shaped their life but the sad part of this is that I'm a lazy texter 😔, I prefer face to face conversations because chatting can be very boring for me and I still haven't figured out why, so every time I get the chance to be out, I have conversations with as many people as possible.
Despite the complains from here and there, I have come to terms with the fact that I will remain playful no matter the situation, I love to laugh Sometimes in threatening situations 😂 or serious conversations and it can be misinterpreted in most cases but I can't help it.









I love to fold my clothes, I can't really explain the mystery behind this but it lightens my mood every time I do it, I love organizing especially my closet, it brings so much peace to wake up to a well organized and tidy closet, don't you think??
Every time I have to go out, I make sure my outfit is already ironed and ready for me to slay in it.
I love looking good, it's something alot of people should too, I know that there's more to a person than they look but you should atleast look worthy and confident and this has nothing to do with having so much money, it takes you paying close attention to your appearance, know what flattrs your body type and shape and you are good to go.
Personally I prefer sneakers over heels I am more of a woke trend person.
I enjoy variety of perfumes, why have one scent when you can have all? There's a lot of sweet fragrances and I want them all😂, I am so interested in scents and it's more of a business for me, I sell and market perfumes and skin care products.


I do have a large number of skin care products and engage in several routines because I want my skin to look as good as possible, there's no just thing as a perfect skin but every skin type can and should look it's best.
I also take vitamins and some other supplements to boost my immune systems and other parts of my body, like I said I so keen about my health and it just on me.
I prefer to eat healthy, I eat a lot of fruits and i would rather have water or fruit juice.
In this part of the world, wearing wigs is even more natural 😂, so I invest in lots of those, even though I have a hard time styling and arranging, it's so tasking but my big sister does that for me while I pretend to learn every single single time🤦 I know I would catch up on that at least one day.
I love my pedicure and manicure twice a month , I love to see them in perfect shape all the time so I don't ever miss my appointment🌚.





My philosophy in life is to live life to the fullest, not just exist but experience life and also allow my life to be one that makes the the world better.
I joined this platform after I heard about it from an online friend and I just knew this was something I had to do not just because I enjoy it but someone out there might be better because they read my post.
Starting this journey feels like a new phase in my life, I'm more intentional and I want to make sure that someone benefits from my own experiences and ideas and I would also be inspired and entertained by other people's lifestyle, experiences and opinions.

I really appreciate you all for sticking with me up till this point, I hope to get along with you guys.
I will share more about my self, opinions and experiences on my post, so please watch out for me. Thank you guys❤️

Thanks for your time ☺


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Maliya Michael is my real fb account ..that Melinda account was hacked.

Have you checked the account well (the Melinda account )..

Someone is using it for hookups whatever .

Didn't want to reply this because I never wanted to connect my fb account with this(because of people getting access to it), my inbox is a mess, so my real fb name is Maliya Michael.

Please help me delete my comment too if you do your findings because I don't want people from here chatting me up there.
I think that's my last reply for now,not doing anything else to prove you right,we all have reasons for our actions...thank you.



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I only gave you my fb name ..

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Your post quality and writing skill really snatched away my attention! Sharing it on listnerds, hope more people find you from there.


Welcome to Hive
Great that you also have other socials , you can link them , and hive word gets spread even more.
My advice is do that ! Asap
But You took the jump and became a Hiver just now, so CONGRATS, be ready for a lot of reading and writing fun.

I just saw your new message in my bot feed! So I came by to say : Hi and Welcome to you new addiction. Your passions, funny or dead serious rants, brain waves and - or thoughts put into writing and a hive blog is a new way of living, but if you have questions let us on hive know. There are many hivers that will help if you ask in comments or in discord! Terminal is the biggest one for new comers.

Discord is a tip aswell. It’s where a lot of hivers talk. There is so much so all topics will have a place on the blockchain. The hivinguniverse is so diverse it’s suitable for all of us. And fun!
If you blog on your phone there is a mobile app for blogging called : Ecency
Or join the lovely Ecency discord engagement there is huge.
Good luck to you as the new arrival, may hive become your new life !

We (@ jamerussell and I ) are presenting New comers in Our @Heyhaveyamet blogs almost every day , ( when normal life doesn’t get in the way ) and as I said before there is a Discord called The Terminal for newbies and all the answers to your questions, join in, I am on Hive everyday ! You can always leave a comment.
Do keep in mind or keep these :

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Greetings from Brittandjosie from the Netherlands but also many other hiver bees and have fun here!
Theterminal discord invite

Or a vlog to watch

Have fun and happy Hiving!