Top 10 Dapps You Should be Using on Hive


Chances are you've been using Hive for a while now and never knew or used some of the tools available to you.

There is also a pretty high chance that once I'm done writing this article I'll have more than a few comments asking why I didn't talk about this other incredibly useful dapp that I didn't even know about.

Hive is an incredibly large and diverse blockchain with something new being developed and updated on an almost weekly basis, but here are the ones I know about or find the most useful.

Dapp Tracking - HiveDapps

If you're looking for a new Dapp on Hive, HiveDapps is a great place to start looking for Dapps you've never heard of before to expand your knowledge on what all is available on Hive.

I'm sure this list isn't an all-inclusive list, but if you're new to the Hive Blockchain and looking for other projects to support or want to do see what else is available, this is a great place to start.


Developed by @therealwolf the home page starts with a list of dapps by the most users in the past 24 hours to the least. Then you can select different categories such as games, exchanges, interfaces, and so on.

Browser Wallet - Hive KeyChain

KeyChain is to Hive what MetaMask is to the Ethereum network. Instead of having to remember your private keys to interact with different dapps you can use KeyChain to save your keys and use it to allow access to different Dapps with just a password.


There is a risk to using KeyChain because, just like MetaMask, if you approve permissions to bad actors that are spoofing sites, they can have access to all your funds and drain your accounts.

On the other hand, KeyChain saves me a large amount of time by allowing me to easily allow what permissions I give to different dapps, manage accounts, claim rewards, and automate tasks by claiming rewards and accounts.

I use KeyChain daily on both my mobile and laptop devices and can't imagine trying to use dapps on the Hive blockchain without it. Just be sure you do your own due diligence and learn and know the risks.

Lending - DLease and LeoFi

I've talked about LeoFi before briefly, but want to cover more about why I use both these Dapps. These apps allow you to lease/rent either Hive or Leo Power and then you get paid daily with liquid tokens.

Since you're delegating Hive/Leo Power there is no way, to my knowledge, that these funds can be stolen, which then provides a pretty much risk-free way to earn around 11% for Hive Power and almost 13% for Leo Power that you might not be using.


These dapps also allow new users or communities to quickly grow their voting power so they can provide more support to creators they want to support, communities they want to grow, or try to grow their own account more quickly.

I'm not using either DLease or LeoFi currently, but I have used and love using these dapps. If you're going to be taking a break from Hive or LeoFinance, or just going on a short vacation, this is a great way to keep earning both these tokens passively.

Analytics - HiveBuzz

HiveBuzz is a great tool that improves everyone's life by making interacting and using the Hive Blockchain more fun and addicting the three aspects I like the most about HiveBuzz are

  1. Achievements
  2. Tutorials or "Tour"
  3. Account Rankings

One of the "easiest" achievements you can get on the platform is for Hive Power Up Day which happens on the 1st of every month. You can also get achievements for votes, replies, posts, attending Hive events, and many other activities on Hive.

If you're new to Hive you should check out the tour tab that's circled below. This will walk you through the three most important aspects of Hive which are Social, Finance, and Governance. It walks you through how to power up Hive, vote for a witness, perform a power-up to someone else, and everything in between.


When I first started out in Hive I loved being able to track my rankings. When the person that created the website quit updating it, I was glad to see that the HiveBuzz team took it over as I used this to trank my progress on the platform. As my comments, Hive Power, and Posts grew so did my ranking and it encouraged me to keep working harder than most others on the platform.

Play to Earn - Splinterlands

I debated if I should cover Splinterlands as it's one of the most popular dapps across all of crypto, but decided I should because it's the dapps I've spent the most time playing and invested the most money in.

If you've never played Splinterlands before it's a fast-paced version of Magic, Pokemon, or Hearthstone trading card game. It's only an online-only game in which cards can be bought, sold, and rented. The games only last a few minutes, which is awesome and has been one of my best crypto investments.

Dark Energy Crystals or $DEC is the in-game currency and was rewarded for completing daily quests and end-of-season rewards. Splintershards or $SPS is the governance token of the game that awards vouchers for staking, purchasing special cards, and will be used on voting on future topics. It has 5 editions including Alpha, Beta, Orbs, Untamed, Dice, and the most recent Chaos.


Digital land has been sold recently and will add more strategy and diversity to the game once they are released and item cards are included in the game. The team has been shipping and growing the game and will be a bright project well into the future regardless of the bull or bear market.

NFTs - NFT Showroom and Punks on Hive

If you have been interested in NFTs, but couldn't afford to purchase them on the Ethereum network due to high gas fees, then Hive and NFT Showroom is the place for you.

This also goes for artists that can't afford to mint their art on OpenSea as well. Almost $500,000 in volume has been exchanged on the site with almost 2,000 verified unique artists.


NFT Showroom is a beautiful website with an easy-to-use interface. If you're looking to build a position in digital art then be sure to check out the NFT showroom.

Punks on Hive

If you wanted to own a punk to make as your Twitter profile picture, couldn't afford an actual punk, but right-click save as just didn't feel right to you? Then Punks on Hive is the place for you and was created by Blockhead Games.

Defi - Hive Engine / TribalDex / BeeSwap / LeoDex

The above-listed exchanges allow you to exchange Splinterlands Expansion Packs, "Wrapped" Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other cryptos, community tokens such as the Leo, Splintertalk, POSH, and Bro tokens just to name a few.


Tribaldex and BeeSwap allow for instant transfers with pools and staking rewards for those that provide liquidity. For this aspect, I prefer BeeSwap currently due to the way they have the rewards set-up and the higher APRs.

LeoDex and the Leo team have wrapped Leo on Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, and recently Polygon and are working on setting up and increasing liquidity for their bridges across all three blockchains. The Cub token is also on Binance Smart Chain and PolyCub is on Polygon.

If you've never used DeFi, but once again didn't want to pay the high fees to just play around and test if it's for you, then any of the above exchanges would be a great way to get started.

Hive - The All in One Beginner Blockchain

If you're new to crypto and looking to get started I talked about why Hive is a great blockchain to start on. As you can see in this article, with these Dapps I enjoy usings, Hive has something for everyone.

There are also some other great dapps that I use on a daily basis and were created by the LeoFinance team, that I didn't cover in this article. If you enjoyed this article I encourage you to check that one out as well.

If you enjoyed this article please follow me for future content and leave me a comment below on your favorite blockchain dapp either on Hive or other blockchains.


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