This is my post entry this time for the challenge on #monomad curated by @monochromes.

Good afternoon everyone, so on this occasion I want to share a picture of a beautiful mushroom in my opinion for me to make as a monomad effect.


This white fungus has a scientific name, namely [roridomyces roridus] which belongs to the class [Agaricomycetes] which comes from the kingdom [fungi]. This mushroom has a white color and is a bit slimy or slippery so it makes me a bit disgusted to touch it. This fungus actually grows on very hard tree branches that are already dead. They have various shapes but they are still the same that differs only in height.

The color of the stem is white or transparent and the petals have a slightly brownish color in addition to white.

I found this mushroom after a heavy rain last night that flushed my village area, after the rain stopped the next day I did a search and finally I found a lot of mushrooms that grew, including this mushroom. This rain indicates that the fungus grows only during the rainy season. This mushroom is grown in a humid forest so that this fungus can grow perfectly and fresh like in my picture.

This mushroom grows about 1 cm tall but in my picture this mushroom looks very tall because I photographed it by using additional lens accessories on my smartphone. This mushroom has a round petal shape and on the petals there are straight lines that are useful for strengthening the petals.

For information about this mushroom can be eaten or not, I don't know, that's the explanation about the mushroom, I hope it's useful and thank you.







This mushroom has a petal width of about 2 cm in diameter and on the petals there are also black spots.

All right, friends, this is all I can say in this post, hopefully it will be useful for all of you and thank you and see you next time.Bold


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