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Hi all,

We have been planning and working silently to make this community great. We are putting some plans in place and we are moving forward. But for today, we like to talk about a few posts out of more exciting dev related publication on this blockchain. @holger80 has always been on our list and today is not an exception.

Overview about our community

GitPlait is a community that aims to reward solutions/answers to developers, support coding tuts, feature request and collaboration, bug hunting (Open source apps), tech documentation, tech analysis, tutorials on apps/websites, and latest technologies.

Post One

Update for beem: create posts more easily and draw pseudo-random numbers by @holger80

Beem is a python library and command line tool for HIVE. The current version is 0.23.11.

Beem GitHub

@holger made some decent improvements to the library and the post itself is exclusively extensive and well done. It contains vital information about the improvement, links to useful tips for devs and step by step guide to get beem in users machines.

Post Two

Date/time processing in Python by @aafeng

This is for people that are learning Python language. @aafeng shared decent guides/tuts on how to process time and date in python. There are many exciting functions in the post and you could learn something there. Give it a read.

Post Three

Learn jQuery --- Learning Selectors by @pakgamer

@pakgamer has been sharing short good and useful tutorials on the chain, and this is another good one. This tutorial is about learning some JQuery selectors and applying them. It is a post to check for people interested in the language.

That would be all for today.

We are working to see that the Hive blockchain becomes home to decent tutorials and technology-related publications.

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