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Good Day Everyone! I did like to use this medium to welcome you all to my blog once again

I must start by saying it feels really good to be finally back where I belong. It has been one hell of a journey for me so trying to wrap up some things I got going on with so I could come back fully and I am really much glad I am back. This is literally the first post I have written in months, I hope you enjoy yourself while reading.

So, Xmass has really been a celebration we all looked up to with high hopes and expectations from our parents, as children growing up back then. It had so much meant a lot to us for in this festive period we were leveraged to get a lot of things and a shift in treatment by our parents and loved ones.

To me, It was always a festive period. I have always looked up to it all my childhood growing up for this is the period where I get to receive new clothes and gifts from my parents, though my dad was not much of a celebration type he still did play his part.

I have very much witnessed lots of xmass, from childhood many I so enjoyed and loved many I hold little memory of but there is one that stood out amongst all others. This I am to share with you all.

So this particular year back in 2012, my mom had my cousins come for the Xmass celebration. Note I had always celebrated xmass with only my siblings (2 kid sisters) and it was more of lively at first but got boring later on for the children will have to go out later on but I get to stay at home alone.

So my cousins came around this particular xmass and it was really a lovely one. Seeing them alone made me so happy in ways I can't say. Literally, without them, the activities of the day are always very tedious and the workload seems to be mainly on me and hence making it a heavy load to carry but with their presence, everything was going very smoothly and less stressful.

We shared most of the activities to be done, did some together and before we knew it we were all done and already waiting to eat all the eatable available.

a photo from my most memorable xmass celebration. Old but Gold!

So what made this xmass celebration an exception was the fact that we had the whole family together you know that feeling when your siblings whom you get along with are well being around. Another stand to be after the whole party thing, we had this group photo together and everything I go back to look at those photos, it brings back memories that I have always held dear to me.

Sincerely speaking, since then I haven't had a xmass celebration I love as much as that. Lately, the celebration holds not have much meaning to me, all I see is a normal day to spend more money, and with my dad being away, the house doesn't feel complete anymore, all the siblings I use to have around all far away now. Like this present xmass, I am just home alone with mom, last two years I was totally alone, but as we grew up things changed though.

But still, I hold the celebration so much dear for I have always had fun memories of it.



Thanks for reading dear friends
Wishing you all a Merry Xmass celebration in advance