Not in order | Weekly posting #25

Hello there my dear Hiveans!

Unfavorably, I have been adding very little materials recently, and actually I am not adding them at all.

Today, unfortunately, I come to you with only one picture. Probably my artistic vision has been exhausted
It does not mean, however, that I give up blogging completely, I just decided that since all my content is about posting these works of art, writing a regular blog misses the point

Nevertheless, I hope that in the near future something will wake up in me again and I will start creating as before, especially considering the fact that I had big plans for hallooween, and in the end nothing came of it. I'm sorry.

you could say that today's graphics are hallooween themed, although I leave the interpretation to you guys :)

I named this drawing "The Lord and the Servant" because of the arrangement of the composition and the atmosphere accompanying the whole scene




as you can probably notice, this is not the best of my abilities, although I tried to prepare something for you on the occasion of hallooween.

I hope I did not disappoint you with this short but concise post.
unfortunately, sometimes it happens that inspiration disappears by itself, but for positive things, I am happy to boast that, despite my zero experience, I got a job as a bartender! I'm really enjoying it and feel that my life is taking a big turn right now.

Thank you for reading my post, I wonder how many of you have been really waiting to see anything of my stuff ( I hope a lot) and if you liked this post, you can leave an upvote,comment or reblog it! <3

Love you guys, see you soon I hope! <3


I wonder how many of you have been really waiting to see anything of my stuff

Me! I was waiting!