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Hey guys, it's been a while. Well, I've been pretty big on blockchain gaming in the past couple of weeks, and most especially hive blockchain games.

One of my favourites so far is dCrops.

dCrops is a crpto-collective game where you play as a farmer planting crops on your land and harvesting based on different seasons. It is very much similar to Hashkings, another one of my favourite Hive games.


I started playing dCrops from the very beginning of the launch and got in quite early on their pre-sale for alpha packs when they were going for half the price ($1).

Currently, each of the alpha packs costs about $2 which you can pay in Hive or 2000 CROP tokens (the token of the dCrops gaming trading on Hive Engine). If you're interested in getting started right away though, it is way cheaper to put packs with Hive.

If that is the case, you can get started playing here with my link. This is a referral link and I'll be getting some percentage of Hive from your purchases.

Affliate Program

There is currently a referral program going on for the game and the top referrers get to win alpha packs. You can get in on this for a chance to win some free alpha packs. You can get started playing with my link of course.


The Gameplay

The gameplay is pretty simple and straightforward. All you have to do is plant your crops (NFT plant cards) on a piece of land (NFT land cards).


Different crops can be planted only during a particular season - spring, summer, fall, and winter (Each season lasts 15 days). Different crops also have unique abilities that you will learn about once you start playing.

After planting, all that's left is to wait for the harvest time to elapse to harvest the crops, the sell the crops for CROP tokens.


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