Riptide Operation - Week 8: Midway [Let's Play Games #17]


Even though almost 2 weeks passed since the PGL Stockholm Major came to an end, we are far from saying the same about the Riptide Operation of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive which is only halfway from the total of 16 weeks of missions that will be released one by one.

The name of the Week 8: Midway is quite appropriately thinking about the aspect mentioned before, but what I'm more excited about, is that completing the new 4 missions released will bring you a total of 52 stars earned and a step closer to that platinum medal we all deserve after doing all those tasks.


Though, as you might already know, I'm not a fan of making a big intro so let's better jump into the Week 8: Midway and see what missions it brought, along with the total of 9 stars that will be rewarded:

  1. Competitive - Short Match - Inferno: where you have to win an entire match on Inferno map or collect 21 rounds won in separate matches [★★★]
  2. Guardian - Insertion II - Hump Day: being needed to kill 20 bots with any shotgun [★★]
  3. Arms Race - Bullseye: where you are required to get to the knife level or upgrade your weapon for a total of 25 times in more matches [★★]
  4. Casual - Inferno - Center Of Mass: you have to throw different smokes and grenades on various radar locations [★★]

I think it's visible enough that this week's star is the Inferno map where we have two missions to play on, which couldn't be a better moment since it's my 2nd favourite map right after Dust II and which also represents the map where I made most of my rank ups during matchmaking.

Anyway, while I'm used to beginning playing the missions by completing first a deathmatch task, I gotta say that I felt its missing in the Week 8 which had no such mission, so I'd suggest starting everything by completing the Casual - Inferno - Center Of Mass one which was probably the easiest out of the four available.

Your first foray to the fan-favourite map comes with the request of using utility grenades on specific places on the map as it follows:

  • land a smoke at Top of Mid;
  • land a smoke at Banana;
  • land a molotov at Banana;
  • blind three enemies in a single match;
  • deal 50 grenade damage in a single match.

The best part is that there is no specific order you should follow for this one, and also the thing that it's a great way to learn a few more tactics on how to throw the utility grenades that might come pretty handy during matchmaking.

As a little mention, while we got used to having tasks that could be easier to be achieved from a team instead of the opposite one, in this case, all 5 positions where we have to throw the grenades benefits both sides.

Landing a smoke at Top of Mid is a far sightline since as it name says, it's in the middle of the map and teams, so you can do it without being noticed by the opposite team. You can use the same place for both Blinding three enemies in a single match and Dealing 50 grenade damage in a single match since it's impossible not to have enemies on mid. Landing a smoke at Banana as well as Landing a Molotov at Banana is again, very easy for both of the teams, because no matter either you are on the T or CT side, there are enough obstacles to have in front of you and don't get shot while throwing the grenades on the requested position of the map.

The next map that could also be considered as a great warm-up and as being a little bit easier than the others is the Arms Race - Bullseye where you basically have to upgrade your weapon for a total of 25 times (collected from more matches played) or to get on the final level, which is with a knife.

Upgrading your weapon is pretty easy because every kill you make means a new level, so you basically need to make 25 kills or upgrade your weapon to the maximum in a single match which means less than 25 kills but more attention paid to the game.

It's only the 2nd time we got this type of mission in the 8 weeks of missions released already, but it's a very fun game mode that will spice up the usual deathmatch you are playing to train.

Anyway, as always, for the last 2 missions left, I had my boyfriend to join the game and help me complete them. We began by doing the Guardian - Insertion II - Hump Day task which is very similar to Guardian - Sirocco - Rock The Kasbah from Week 4: Gendarmerie, the single difference between the two... being the map.

Insertion II is an operation-exclusive map that is infamous for its size with the bots that are spawned in positions that will help you have an advantage.
Both you and your teammate will be locked in a room from where you have to shoot the enemies either out the window or wait for them next to the 3 doors available.

Though, as hard as it seems to get kills with shotguns on a wide-open map, you can always get in position and just wait for them to enter the building.

The last mission completed was Competitive - Short Match - Inferno which is a good way to take advantage of the tactics you just learned on how to throw the grenades in the first mission presented on this article.

If you are lucky enough and get a nice team you will have the mission completed once you win the match, but if you lose it, just continue playing until you collect 21 rounds won from separate matches.

Remember: if you control Banana position on the map, you have full control of the game.

GameCounter-Strike: Global Offensive
Release Date21st August 2012
Played OnSteam
Hours Played4,700 hrs

EpisodesStars Earned
Week 1:Shark Week13x ★
Week 2:Seal The Deal8x ★
Week 3:Surf’s Up10x ★
Week 4:Gendarmerie8x ★
Week 5:Tropical Paradise10x ★
Week 6:Rumble In The Jungle10x ★
Week 7:Land, Sea, and Air8x ★
Week 8:Midway9x ★
Week 9:Nautical Mile10x ★
Week 10:Decompression8x ★
Week 11:Water, Water, Everywhere9x ★
Week 12:Remember Your Training10x ★
Week 13:Practical Oceanography9x ★
Week 14:A Little Competition9x ★
Week 15:Barrier Reef8x ★
Week 16:Riptide!10x ★

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