4 Walls or 6

4 walls or 6,
Life can be a bitch,
Intrepidly thinking your way to a ditch,

Photography By FrankWinkler, Pixabay

Should the pitch have a glitch,
You'll start crying, .. a little bitch ..

There was never a lever,
Only a hook,
Now it's all written in digital books,

Gobbledeeglee and gobbledegook,
Now you think you're not a crook,
If the truth of your lie has been told before,

I would hate to see what awaits and scores,
The mind might be a little sore,
As repetitious as it seems you'll beg for more,

4 walls or 6 it starts to click,
As you think beside you and start to twitch,
What on earth was that?..


Chaotic inclusion taps me on the knee,
As I take a piss by this tree,


I feel Free,



As I spree,
Back to the den full of glee,
4 walls or 6,

Do the other two exist,
Or have I reached the floor,
Crawling for more,

Staring at the ceiling,
Seeing a sinking feeling,
Oh my I've done it again,

..Let all the monsters in..
I guess they will dine,
Ten times minus six,

Anything I can do to shrink this abyss, ¿?
Now I have dined ten times minus six,
And the monsters still thumping the fifth wall like this ~~~~ ~~

Maybe there are 4 walls maybe there are 6,

I'm headed back outside to take another piss.

Thank you for checking out my autonomous freewrite. This took about 10 minutes to write, and about 20 minutes to visually engineer.
Have a great day! -@futuremind