Update On My Splassive Account – A Fork Of Drip on AVAX Network


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My passive income journey with Splassive has so far been pleasant actually.

Splassive has certainly chosen a good network to run on rather than competing with many other competitors on Binance Smart Chain.

In consideration of all the other drip forks, Splassive has been the most profitable one for me. It gives out 2% daily reward and it has potential for growth if the team behind it has so far seems to be doing a nice job.

It has also completed an audit not too long ago and its promotional relaunched event couple of days ago had even pushed its token price above $50.

Its coming new Splashpad may also be a nice cushion for this project.

I have already taken out more than my initial investment as I bought the tokens around $11 so it is currently a risk-free passive income for me.

It does have potential for long term growth if the team does not give up on this project as we all know that anything can happen and we cannot predict the future.

Splassive has a free airdrop function like Drip network that allows the upline to give free airdrops to our downlines. I have been considering giving out free airdrop to my few downlines maybe every weekend as a token of appreciation for having them in my team.

I must admit that there is still risk in participating in Splassive so it will be good to take out profit as well as compound at the same time to ensure we can take out our initial investment as well as building our account at the same time.

The moment we can take out our initial investment, this becomes a risk-free passive income. We must ensure we take calculated risk especially there are so many scams that may allow us to have initial reward but they can suddenly disappear. Like most of you, I had lost money in a couple of rugpulls too.

Below is a screenshot of my current deposit.

my account.JPG

With 62.878 Splash tokens, I am able to earn 2% daily reward of about 1.25 Splash tokens which is about $40 daily. The current price of Splash token is about $32. I would have a passive income of $1200 monthly if the price stays the same and the contract does not go dry.

If Splassive can last for at least a year, I would be able to earn $1200 x 12 = $14400 in a year. This is really a nice cool passive income if it can last that long like Drip network.

With my initial investment earned back, Splassive is really a pure passive income for me. I do hope my account can grow to a stage that allows me to retire early.

I do suspect that the price of the Splash token may rise when Splashpad is launched on its platform.

Splassive is not the only project that I have invested. The coming Piston token that is going to be launched today is another project that I would be involved in too.

If you are interested to take a bet on Splassive like me, you can use the below simple guide.

Setup your metamask for AVAX network

Below is an article from AVAX on how to set up your metamask for AVAX network


Do note that you need to send AVAX token to your metamask for gas. Some exchanges label the network under AVAX C.

Visit Splassive Website.

Get some Splash tokens from ‘The Well’ which is the internal exchange of the Splassive platform.

The well.JPG

Next head to ‘The Tap’ which is the staking pool.
Before staking, you need a Wave Starter Address(Like the Buddy Address of Drip).
You can use my Wave Starter Address below.

The Tap.JPG

After you have updated the Wave Starter Address, you can approve the amount of tokens that you are going to stake. The last thing to do is the deposit your tokens and start earning 2% daily income. (Do note that there is a 10% deposit tax)

Remember to make the right decision on your own as it is your money so you should not be influenced by others. (Too many youtubers promoting this actually)

Whether you want to invest more or a little to reap a possible high reward, it is totally your own decision so do not be lured by others about how much reward you can get.

There is still a chance for some projects to be genuine and make millionaires for risk takers. Hopefully, Splassive is one of them. There are currently over 6000 users and it is still growing daily. We can imagine how big it can grow if those who are participating in Drip network decide to invest in Splassive like us.

Thanks for taking time to read my article.

Disclaimer: This is my personal reflection and I am not in any position to instruct anyone what they should do. I am not responsible for any action taken as a result of this post. My post can only be a reference for your further research and growth.

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