My First Experience In NFT Game – Three Kingdoms Battle


I had my first experience in participating in a NFT Game called Three Kingdoms Battle.

The game is based on the famous era of China history when Cao Cao, Liu Bei and Sun Quan fought against each other.

Below is a beautiful front page of the game.

Three Kingdom Battle.jpg

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There were quite a number of computer as well as mobile games that were based on this popular story in the past actually.

It is certainly nice if we can have fun as well as earn at the same time.

Its token called TKB is currently priced at $0.01434 at the point of preparing this post.

This game runs on the Binance Smart Chain so the gas fee is definitely relatively low. The transaction fee would be many times lower than the other NFT games using ETH blockchain.

Before we can play this game, we need to purchase the TKB tokens from pancakeswap. This is necessary as we need to purchase at least one NFT character to participate in the game.

Below is my first NFT Character Game Card.


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I bought it from the market place. It is a place where players can buy or sell their NFT cards.


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We can also get NFT cards from the store at a standard rate of 4000 TKB tokens. Getting from the store would be like a lucky draw and you would not be able to predict which card you would get.


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There is a new function called fusion that is going to be activated soon. This function would allow players to fuse two lower grade NFT cards to have a chance to get a possible higher grade card but it is still based on luck.


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We can get TKB tokens when we place our character into battle(farming). I have placed my character into PVE under battle for farming of more TKB tokens.

Battle PVE.JPG

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Battle with 'Boss' and 'Player Against Player' are still in the progress of development.

This NFT game is still at its early stage and no one can predict its success. If it is successful, early players would earn a nice profit but if it is unsuccessful or the game suddenly goes offline, one must be willing to take the risk.

At the current moment, the game developers sounded like they have a good plan for the future and they sounded serious in developing this game.

You can read more about their plan using the link below.

Thank you for reading my first NFT game experience.