FTM Crop Farmer On Fantom Chain


FTM banner.JPG

After several successful launch of Crop farmer mining pool on Binance Smart Chain and Avax C-chain, the same team has just launched FTM Crop Farmer on Fantom Chain.

FTM Crop Farmer on Binance Chain will have the similar features like BUSD and USDC Crop Farmer where its features would enable a good sustainability and prevent dumping.

We need to compound at least 10 times before we can withdraw and we can literally see the daily payout increases after each compound with 2% compound bonus for this new bnb miner.

It is giving 6% daily reward with 7% Referral Bonus.

It has implemented some rules to sustain its fund in its contract.

  1. 2% Bonus for each compound which can stack up to 20%.
  2. 12 Hours Compound Timer
  3. 4 Hours Withdraw Cooldown
  4. 48 Hours Rewards Accumulation Cut-off
  5. 10 Times Mandatory Compound Feature
  6. 80% tax continuously withdrawal without compounding or hiring new farmers using earnings.

With lower daily payout comparing with its other miners as well as the need to compound at least 10 times to avoid 80% tax, it does have a good chance to sustain longer as more people join it at the same time.

It is definitely a high-risk investment with high potential reward.

If you are interested in FTM Crops Farmer on Fantom Chain, I would appreciate it if you can use my referral link below.


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