An Imaginary Boat - An Inspired Haiku


My group of pupils, who are only 9 years old, had to use recycled materials to make a boat.

It was part of the Science performance task to learn about float and sink.

In the eyes of kids, the end product was what they imagined how a boat should be like.


It may not look that great but it was an expression of their imagination and creativity to make a boat that was able to float well on water.

I hope you would like the below Haiku that I composed.

A small floating boat

Different parts that make one whole

A puzzle of life

Everyone has a part to play in our respective community regardless of how small our role may be.

We can make a difference in our respective roles of life.

Hope this Haiku does inspire you in a certain way as we are coping with the stress that Covid-19 has given us.

Thank you for reading my Haiku.