Why people do look differently/wrongly at the Covid numbers to prove that vaccination doesn't work?

For once this will be a COVID related post. Like in most countries Covid does rules the news here in Belgium. So people do talk about it!

These discussion vary from the restrictions in force, vaccinated or not and so on.

I always try to stay neutral in these discussions because most of us don't have all the information to have a discussion based on facts and figures.

I do have friends which aren't vaccinated but most of them are. Last Saturday just before the Football game of the oldest son, I asked a mom who recently had Covid if she was vaccinated or not! The answer was no, not vaccinated. Quickly followed by the fact that she was in the hospital and 6 out of 10 people with Covid were vaccinated so it doesn't help! And this is were she is wrong, but I quickly changed the subject because such a discussion would go nowhere!

It is a fact that in Belgium we do have a vaccination rate of close to 87%.


Let's suppose to make the calculation easy that we are with 10 million people older than 18 years in Belgium. That would mean that 8.7 million people are vaccinated, while 1.3 million isn't.

Let's also take here reply that 6 out of 10 people in the hospital with covid are vaccinated, while the other 4 aren't.

Any idea what is wrong with here conclusion?

The answer is simple. 60% of the hospitalized people do come from 87% of the population, while the other 40% does come from 13% of the population. This does prove that the vaccination does work! If you add some more variables into the discussion and extend it to the people on intensive care, the figures clearly hint that if you are vaccinated that you do have much more chance to stay away from the hospital!

I know that people do question the vaccination for several reason! But saying that it doesn't help is according to me a bridge to far! The reason that there are more vaccinated people in the hospital is just because they are with 6 times more people. If vaccination wouldn't work, there should be 6 vaccinated people in the hospital for each non vaccinated person, which isn't the case. But the ratio for instance on IC is almost 1 against 9!