Chillin at Bakilid Restaurant



Bakilid Restaurant
This is a new resto, it's built like a nipa hut on stilts, up in the overlooking hills of Lalaan San Jose. I warn you, it's really steep,so be prepared to climb a flight of stairs. Inside the restaurant, you have a choice of sitting on chairs or on the floor when you eat. We decided to sit on the floor to make the experience.

The cook at the restaurant cooks very good spaghetti carbonara, my daughter's all time favorite whenever we stop-over this spot. By the way this is also our favorite place whenever we are traveling north, she would remind me to pull-over even before we are close.My daughter enjoyed playing in the swing since they have it installed during our visit. The restaurant set up is very homie too! Food and drink prices are also affordable. You would definitely enjoy the place and the ambiance, you get to see ocean wideview and be able to see islands from a distance. This place have become wellknown to tourist due to where it's situated and the beautiful view, don't be disappointed if they would limits diners in. It also haappens to us when my daughter and I were hungry and excited to dine but then it was full. Anyway, we were lucky the next time because there were no other people, we enjoyed our meals and the ocean were so calm. Time bonding with your loved ones is priceless. Good food and nice place! This is some ways I treats her to make her feel special.
That's all Hivers! Thanks for reading my post. Untill next time!

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