Effort Or Revenge : Riding On The Luck???

There were countless times, I stopped by to protect myself from the sole intention of doing the revenge it needed to make against my fate ; but I stopped for some reason and with all the might I had the courage to do so.

But,when the initial point raised to make a choice, I was so stubborn to make that work up for me to do, initially didn’t get the flow or effort but it went on to create less value.


So,should I be more sincere on the brink of making another promise?

Exactly, suspense comes there when we do take this as a precious one,but there is no need to be vindictive of the life it gets to us every day,my thought is somewhat related to that.If you go for posing a great initiative on having a try to better yourself you are not going to better yourself at the first try,maybe it would take even years to move out inches, from where you started.

But, doing what we love to do gets the value in the end and it always works.Fine,you get rejected for several times and you might be thinking what the hell I did to build back myself with stronger foundation, but this is not a valid reason to live forth in life.


The first sort of mindset that is needed is to have the sense to better once vision and starting from mediocre point and advertently releasing the pressure of work ; mixing them with the emotion and trying to achieve what it takes you.

Another vital point I always like to say,Man! for all the graces of life, you only have the chances to have a try,but the button to push further and willfully & forcefully bringing the slots before you with a luck, can never be achieved surely.There are hard rugged paths and we can't weave our fate. Thats simple truth.

So, when it comes to this argument, I think the vital solution is on the mindset to be sure to make proper evaluation of the efforts, and only focusing on this point, rather not wasting time in anticipation of whats coming next in our life. If we do make sure, we have a very good vision of moulding our life, then there is hope to see a better future.

Luck can never be seen beforehand, and same with the fate. Only doing the right thing in right time can make us to be more competent in the game of life, if you think its easy,then its pretty easy,if you think its hard, then its pointlessly hard. This is a secret and I hope I made this freewrite meaningful with some neat tips & advice.

God bless you and have a nice day, 🙂👍💗

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