Last Two Survivors Springfield, Ohio - Where Is Everyone? We Jumped Continents Over Night!



The strangest thing happened - we woke up but we were instead of Valencia in Springfield, Ohio. In the USA!!!! How is that possible? We do have a connection to this specific city in the Midwest but why and why now?

Ever since we woke up to the empty city of Valencia, Spain over almost 2 years ago... nothing is surprises us anymore.

But now after all this time to be all of a sudden in a different continent? What's going on? What does it mean?

We kind of arranged ourselves back then and got used to this empty world but at least we were home. But now we're thousands of miles away from home. It just doesn't make any sense and as far as we can tell, we're also the only ones here.

When we first woke up, we found ourselves in a small neighborhood near a park and river, then we wandered towards the city center but there was still NOBODY! We even ventured inside a gigantic supermarket. But without anyone else in sight.

Also, these random balloons must have a meaning!!!

It seems now that someone wants us to be here. Should we stay in Springfield, Ohio or should we try to get to the coast? For now I think we stay here for a while though.