Rising Star Journey - Checkpoint 10

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Rising Star Journey - Check Point 10

I'm not progressing much because I'm buying cards only from the starbits generated from missions. I'll be tweaking my progress into checkpoints to avoid spamming underrated postings.

I've been trying to trade cards, but the marketplace does seem a little stale. Sadly, I haven't sold any cards to purchase more packs. Man I wish there was a way that we could get a hold on user stats, new users onboarding per day etc for rising star. If anyone knows where I can find it, please share them with me.

There's one thing to celebrate though. I'm finally level 30, which unlocks the Shopping Mall mission.


This actually helps me progress faster as it gives more experience and more starbits.

At this point of time, I only have 87 cards. Together with my traning. My Skill tops at 3168, 394 Luck, 2455 Fans (because I listed quite a number of cards), and 50 IM.

Most of the cards i got from opening packs and only about a dozen i picked it off the market due to its price and actual value.


In terms of starbit geteration, i feel isn't too shabby. Here in one and half hours, i managed to produce 900 starbits.

Went to the Custom Shop and went in a few rounds in the Guitar fair and managed to craft this basic RSTAR G3333. I'm not sure if it was really worth it just to get 12 luck plus, no one is buying.

I've opened 4 packs so far, and this time I will only be sharing with you guys the rare cards and above unless theres something worth mentioning.

I guess this card is alright just for the stats, and not much in commercial value either.

I always welcome more skills so that ego wouldn't bother us much.

Its got a pretty decent stats, and I've been trying to sell this, so for no takers. Drop me a message below if you would like to purchase.

So far my draws has been pretty Nyeh....

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