VYB Trybe Alybe - OPEN Invitation To Folks In Hivistan



The VYB Trybe is Alybe (and kickin')

VYB is a friendly place where a Dawg can let her hair down and sniff about with a waggy tail. No need to watch her back or fear sudden loud noises.

Hyumis like you are welcome in VYB too btw, it ain't just for Kewl-Cat Dawgs like me!

In case you've not heard, #VYB is a relatively new kid on the HIVE BLOCK.

VYB is kinda like the legitimate offspring of #POB (proofOfBrain).


But it ain't run by kids!

Instead, there are Tribal Elders present and active.

Elders share their experience, knowledge, resources from positions outside the limelight. They are not politicians and nor are they out to boost their wallets or egos at the expense of free-flowing expression....the smell is pleasantly different in here.

It seems to me as if the VYB algorithms have been raised on a diet of TLC.


There are no downvotes to bare one's teeth at - or sink one's teeth into, for that matter!

In other words, there's no biting and, apart from me, I ain't seen no bitching either he he.

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But it would help your VYB to enter a GawdDawg-like state of consciousness. This simply means:

  • be one's authentic self, whatever the WOOF that means to you;
  • take the initiative to speak one's Speech without searching first for meaning or authority in the words of another;
  • experiment with one's Expression; for what is any Life but a Big Experiment?
  • play on the swings with the other VYBing kids - playgrounds exist already and new activities are being hatched Owl the time; have fun
  • bear in mind that dog in the manger activities like self-voting propel one into a state of consciousness where you won't attract much attention. No downvoting, just meh.

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OK Dawg, but how does a Hyumi like me dig the VYB?

  • use the tags #VYB and/or #vybrainium in your posts; read up
  • check your settings, balances etc on vybrainium.com/@username; post from there too if you fancy. It's all still on the Hive blockchain and you still earn the BIG token
  • blog and interact as you normally would, just in a different state of consciousness.

Expansion Baby!


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Yo Dawg, who the WOOF are you?

Yo Hyumi I'm a Dawg as I've been sayin' all alawng. I teach sticks and I climb mountains with my Hyumi Bean. Other than that, I poop, seemingly much to your collective dismay. Above all though, I just Luuurve.


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Newbie bonus:

If you've not used these tags before and choose to do the following:

  1. use the tag 'vyb' and/or 'vybrainium' in your next post
  2. leave a comment below with the link to your VYB-tagged post

...when I see your comment I'll stop by your post, lift my leg and drop you a Nup Vote.

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Flame Dawg
all images and artwork belong to the author and her Hyumi, @barge


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Your gonna pee on us?

Well we definitely arnt gonna drop a link to get peed on. We isn't an r Kelly fan...

And yep we use vyb! And stake it too


Not sure who R Kelly is..........something to do with golden showers or something like that I'm guessing! Fun Hyumi pastimes eh!

I'm sure Wooda knows all about peeing in different places.

I lift leg when I vote on the blockchain - just my style. I also lift my leg to mark territory but only IRL 😂