Market magic


Yesterday's was magic. Not so much for the sales, but for the loot.

My market pal, Trish, about whom you often hear, and I have an ongoing deal. We barter. A lot. For food offerings and also for her beautiful ceramics.


These have been "on order" for yonks. We had asked for pasta dishes and have ended up with so much more.


So thrilled was I, that I instantly "dressed" them in more market bounty: Cecil's peppers. Half of which were a gift from him.


Last night's salad looked glorious on the yellow and purple one.


Expect more pics of food on those beautiful landscapes.

Until next time, be well
The Sandbag House
McGregor, South Africa

Photo: Selma
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Previously I always thought red green yellow peppers were a different variety until someone told me it was the same fruit, they just change colours. Fascinating!


Yip. Like chillies that also change colour - red, purple and black (peppers, too!) all start off green. If I get really fresh ones, I encourage them to ripen. Usually they go red.


You sure did you make out with the amazing barter deals you have going on. You and Trish I've been making magic for a while. I really like ceramic pasta dishes, especially ones by somebody I know.

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