Inside the Green Door

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I can't believe it's three weeks ago since I teased you about what is behind the green door.

A digression

As I write, I'm reminded of Shakin' Stevens' 1981 cover version of the song. And which still gets people up and dancing.

It seems that there are many legends behind about green doors.

This Green Door

This green door is to one of the remaining and original farm labourers' cottages in McGregor. It's built with mud and would originally have had a reed, rather than thatched roof. Perched at the top of the hill, and before the Group Areas Act was declared was rented by one of the village's foremost gardeners. There are village inhabitants - my age and older - who tell of being forced to move from one side to the other. One family resisted and still lives in the original family home.

Irony and another digression

Ironically, and as I write the news of the last Apartheid State President's death is breaking.

Iona @ Skye Cottage

The sign next to the green door

The building is now a protected heritage building. McGregor is the best preserved Victorian village in the Western Cape; a heritage of which the village is both protective and proud.

One of my side hustles is helping accommodation establishments and this is one of them.

Standing at the green door, looking in

Behind that green door, Iona is simple: An open plan living area that opens on to a sunny (and shady and private) courtyard and which the owner has created as a sanctuary for her guests.

Secluded courtyard

The traditional build and design of the cottage makes it relatively thermally efficient: small windows keep out the heat and keep in the warmth.

Behind the green door:  open and closed

The seeping quarters are just that - comfortably adequate.

Traditional bedstead and non-traditional and essential shower room

Finally, and while I'm in marketing schpiel mode, braai (barbecue) facilities are available and the cottage is within easy walking distance of most things in the village. For walkers, the horizon isn't far, either...

Up the hill and not so far away from the green door

In for a penny, and in for a pound: for South Africans and international visitors wishing to visit, you'll find all the information you need here.

Until next time, be well
The Sandbag House
McGregor, South Africa

Photo: Selma
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How sorry I am that we ran out of time to visit McGregor when we were in your part of the world just before Covid hit! I looove those old Victorian buildings,lucky lady living deep in the mountains.


Well, now you know where to book accommodation when you next head this way!