Hive Power Up Day Delegations: September 2021

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Can you believe that we're almost a week into September? And it's Monday and I'm struggling to get through things. However, I must and I shall. I am thrilled that for the first time in a while, @traciyork sent me a selection of accounts to check, and see if they met my criteria, and to pick recipients for the monthly delegation I make to redfish participating in Hive Power Up Day.

If you don't know what I do or why I do this, it's a combination of paying it forward and walking the talk.

September Power Up Day

If you don't know what happens on Hive Power Up Day and how accounts stand to gain, read @traciyork's Power Up Day post and join next month?

A reminder about my delegations - if you didn't follow the link...

Each month, I set aside 300 HP that I delegate an equal share among three accounts that meet the basic Power Up Day Criteria.

In my case, though, and given my focus on redfish, the accounts must also be -

  • be less than 6 months old
  • have at least two qualifying posts since the previous power up day.
    Posts that qualify must have 200 words or more and exclude posts for Power Up Day, and Actifit.
    As a reminder, the reason I added the second criterion is because -
    Hive is a social blockchain: it's for socialising, ruminating and just generally hanging out.
  • a reputation of less than 61
  • not more than 500 HP in their accounts before they power up - both on the first of the month

Qualifying accounts for September

As I said, this month, we had more than three accounts from which to choose so I made use of a nifty online random selection tool into which four account names went:


and the results...


I have delegated 100 HP each to @lesliekat, @trippymane and @yems.

Here's proof:


Moral to the story: redfish that participate in this challenge will go into the delegation pot - as long as they have met the criteria.

Lightening can strike twice

But that's not all

Remember that in addition to the delegations, these accounts are added to my fanbase and receive a daily 100% upvote; I also ask @ginabot to notify me each time they post. If I have an opportunity, I pop over and have a gander and occasionally weigh in on whatever the post may be about.

A last word - or two

Thanks as always to @traciyork, @victoriabsb and @hivebuzz for all the hard work they do each month - and around the blockchain, generally.

Thanks too, to @doze for the super Hive graphics that he develops and shares for us all to use. Do check out his posts and perhaps drop by and show some Hive love.

Until next time, be well
The Sandbag House
McGregor, South Africa

Photo: Selma

Post Script

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Posted Using LeoFinance Beta


Wow 😁 another prize another month eheh thanks a lot 😁

This was my last month as a redfish, finally a minnow now :)

Thanks for the delegation and for the one of the previous month too!
Much appreciated!
Cheers 😁


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Feedback from the September 1st Hive Power Up Day

Gracias por elegirme en este premio de gallineta nórdica, espero seguir participando y animar a otros usuarios a encender su power up dya.// Thank you for choosing me in this redfish award, I hope to continue to participate and encourage other users to turn on their power up dya.