Hive keeps on Pumping



It's really amazing that after so long we get to see a nice pump on Hive's price. I still remember a couple of months ago Hive's price being around 10 cents or so.

During that time most of the people considered hive to be a dream forgotten or a relic of the past. Thus, people were selling and selling and not only that.

Reading through some posts or via some related discord channel many said that they would live hive behind and find other cryptos to invest.

Little did they know and understand back then as now they would have x6 or x7 their initial investment.

Some people remained active and kept on creating their quality posts as well as interacting with the community. A few of them kept on buying hive as well.

Guess who won ;)

Something that we all need to understand is that most of the cryptos out there need time to evolve, attract and audience and have a purpose. Hive has and did everything above over time.

In order for that to happen a lot of people took part in and should share the credits. You see as the name suggests hive works in a way like an actual hive

To be sustainable and thrive all the little bees need to work and that we as a community did. Some people started to promote hive via discord,twitter and other social media, heck we even voted for a full marketing proposal

Others simply kept on creating and publishing their content as well as interacting with other members. Another thing we need to mention is the sub communities that played an important role if you ask me, like leofinance,stem,ocd etc etc.

Finally, we eve created our own games, games that not only were the first in the cryptoworld but also became massive and attracted thousand of people

All of the above led to what now see as a success. Ahh and I forgot to mention how slowly for the bottom the team behind hive worked in terms of coding and updating!

I really wish to see hive keep on Pumping and many more people to realise what an awesome place it is. I could easily see hive reaching 1$ in the coming days/months and up to 3$ in the coming years but that's a speculation

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