My Journey as a Cat Mom 😻



In Celebration of International Cat Day, I will share my journey being a cat mom 🥰😻

Life is better with a cat they say, but not for me. I’ve always been a dog mom, for years dogs are always my chosen best buddy. I’ve always though that having a pet cat requires lots of maintenance and quite hard.

Little did i know that day will came. The day that I will be chosen to be a cat mom. I’ve always wanted a white cat. Looks soooo clean and divine. My first cat is a white Persian Cat, I named her Rafa, short for Rafaela which means Happiness. I got here when she’s only 3 months old. She’s very playful and sleeps alot. But she got more and more sweet as she grows up.

Then eventually I got 2 more kittens. Initially, they were up for adoption but I ended up falling in love with them 😅 They were gray Persian Cats. That time, I’m so into the series called ‘Money Heist’ that’s why I named them after the characters “Rio and Denver”.

They were both playful together, however they had opposite personalities. Rio is very sociable, I already brought in my office work. While Denver is reserved and quite timid. But both of them are sweet. 🥰

Lately, Denver has been diagnosed with FLUTD. Hopefully, he’s on his road to recovery. Asking for prayers for his quick healing 🙏🏻

With that said, I can say that I enjoyed being a cat mom. There’s no actually different being a dog or cat mom. They are both easy to be taken care of. And they are actually getting well with each other 💕💕

I hope you enjoyed reading my short write up about my pet cats. Ciao!😅😻

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