RE: 11 important tips for those who use medicinal herbs.

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So much valuable information in your post. Some of the things you wrote about are so important. And I agree 100% with everything. Especially regarding using a critical mindset when you embark on this journey. As you mentioned, science is there for a reason but they also do not know everything. Reductionism in medicine has helped countless people, but the same mindset is also starting to make people overly reliant on science and science cannot tell us how to lead a healthy life (with a reductionist mindset). Or so I believe. So yes, we need to be wary of people telling us about their herbal use (testimonies) but when we pair this with a critical attitude there is valuable information; but the same goes for science. Believing uncritically in science amounts to scientism which is just as bad as believing in natural medicine in opposition to science! It is a delicate balance, as the delicate balance in nature. Thank you for sharing your wonderful insight!