"bag lady" a 50 word story written using the freewrite prompt. Humpbuckle Tales 76


John doesn't recognise Janey when he pulls into the station car park.

When the bag lady stands up his heart misses a beat.

He jumps out of the car to help her.

She smells terrible and he isn't sure if the marks on her face are bruises or just dirt.

This is a 50-word story written using @mariannewest's @freewritehouse Freewrite Writing Prompt “bag lady”

This is the 76th fifty-word story in the Humpbuckle Tales series. You can find all the tales reblogged on the @humpbuckletales account.

Humpbuckle Tales are 50-word stories that can be read independently, but when read as a whole a bigger story begins to emerge.

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Cool story indeed. I was thinking it was longer than that and anticipated the next climax not knowing it was just a fifty word write up. Lol. It was great though