Small chili (nano)




The nano pepper is called the whole community and there is also said that the peppers are demonic, because the heat is so intense. And to plant cayenne that is not so difficult to apply. This cayenne pepper is a perfect place for planting it in the tropics like Indonesia. Especially with many indonesians who are fond of using cayenne peppers for food, surely growing cayenne pepper can be her own reward.


The nano cayenne pepper grown in Indonesia is highly varied. Farm cayenne pepper is relatively lower risk than big chili peppers. These plants are more resistant to pest attacks. But the pests that strike large chili peppers can also attack cayenne peppers but not as severe as the big chili's in short order.



How to grow cayenne pepper you can easily apply at home. For an abundance of results, you need to follow some of the steps and treatments for the big oil.

How to magnify peppers:
Planting cayenne is, of course, a way to prepare the soil and adjust the temperature in the environment first. Choose a sunny spot and dry well. And the soil must be fertile, humous and rich in nutrients.
Before planting cayenne pepper seeds, you must gradually harden the soil. Then it spreads the mixture outside to make the peppers bear a lot of fruit. This gradual exposure of weather helps the seedlings adjust, so that. @s4s @mbp @ocd #ocd #ecency #plant #pertanian #agriculture @neoxian