Iftar with My Family at "π€π˜π€πŒ ππ„ππ˜π„π“ ππŽπƒπŽ π’πŽπ‹πŽ"... I was Very Full... 🀀


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A few days ago, I broke my fast with my family at a restaurant. I was with my father, my mother, my brother, and one of my sisters. We went to the restaurant by car, my brother drove. The restaurant we went to was Ayam Penyet Podo Solo. We got there over an hour before iftar time. Came so early because in Ramadan the restaurants are always full because iftar together, so grabbed place before there was no place left.

Beberapa hari yang lalu, aku berbuka bersama keluargaku di sebuah restoran. Aku bersama ayahku, ibuku, abangku, dan salah satu kakakku. Kami pergi ke restoran tersebut naik mobil, abangku yang mengendara. Restoran yang kami datangi adalah Ayam Penyet Podo Solo. Kami sampai di sana satu jam lebih sebelum waktu berbuka. Datang begitu awal karena di bulan Ramadhan restoran-restoran selalu penuh karena buka bersama, jadi mengambil tempat sebelum tak tersisa tempat.

🏠 Ayam Penyet Podo Solo
πŸ“ Jl. Karya Kasih No.37, Pangkalan Masyhur, Kec. Medan Johor, Kota Medan, Sumatera Utara 20219
πŸ“ž 0878-9998-6539
πŸ—Ί https://maps.app.goo.gl/D91Qwo3FBdjmULt28






The place is nice, comfortable, just not big. The kitchen is an open style kitchen. It was the third time I ate at that restaurant. In my city, there are many ayam penyet (penyet chicken) restaurants. Although "Ayam Penyet Podo Solo" is a penyet chicken restaurant which penyet chicken is Indonesian cuisine, the restaurant serves foreign dishes.

Tempatnya bagus, nyaman, hanya saja tidak besar. Dapurnya adalah dapur model terbuka. Waktu itu adalah ketiga kalinya aku makan di restoran itu. Di kotaku, restoran ayam penyet memang banyak. Walaupun "Ayam Penyet Podo Solo" adalah restoran ayam penyet yang mana ayam penyet adalah masakan Indonesia, restoran tersebut menyediakan makanan-makanan luar negeri.



There are many menus. For foods, there are: Penyet Chicken, Grilled Chicken, Pecak Chicken, Chicken with Green Chili, Penyet Catfish, Pecak Catfish, Catfish with Green Chili, Kremes Catfish, Tilapia with Green Chili, Sweet Spicy Tilapia, Fried Rice with Egg, Fried Rice with Seafood, Special Fried Rice, Penyet Mackerel, Pecak Mackerel, Chicken Soup, Beef Soup, Vegetable Soup, Chicken Soto, Beef Soto, Stir-fried Kale, Capcay, Chicken Holic Barbeque, Chicken Steak, Chicken Siomay, Shrimp Siomay, and others.

Menunya ada banyak. Untuk makanan, ada: Ayam Penyet, Ayam Bakar, Ayam Pecak, Ayam Cabe Ijo, Lele Penyet, Lele Pecak, Lele Cabe Ijo, Lele Kremes, Nila Cabe Ijo, Nila Pedas Manis, Nasi Goreng Telur, Nasi Goreng Seafood, Nasi Goreng Spesial, Gembung Penyet, Gembung Pecak, Sup Ayam, Sup Daging Sapi, Sup Sayur, Soto Ayam, Soto Daging Sapi, Tumis Kangkung, Capcay, Chicken Holic Barbeque, Chicken Steak, Siomay Ayam, Siomay Udang, dan lain-lain.

For drinks, there are: Orange Juice, Kuini Juice, Tamarillo Juice, Pineapple Juice, Melon Juice, Avocado Juice, Avocado Juice with Milo, Lemon Squash, Cold Sweet Tea, Hot Sweet Tea, Bitter Tea, and others.

Untuk minuman, ada: Jus Jeruk, Jus Kuini, Jus Terong Belanda, Jus Nenas, Jus Melon, Jus Alpukat, Jus Alpukat Milo, Lemon Squash, Teh Manis Dingin, Teh Manis Panas, Teh Pahit, dan lain-lain.


There are special offers this Ramadan, namely 2 Ramadan packages, namely Paket Beduk 1 (Penyet Catfish + Rice + Tea) for IDR 31,000 and Paket Beduk 2 (Penyet Chicken + Rice + Tea) for IDR 32,000.

Ada tawaran spesial di bulan Ramadhan ini, yaitu 2 paket Ramadhan, yaitu Paket Beduk 1 (Lele Penyet + Nasi + Teh) seharga Rp31.000 dan Paket Beduk 2 (Ayam Penyet + Nasi + Teh) seharga Rp32.000.

I ordered the Paket Beduk 2, which contains Penyet Chicken + Rice + Tea (I asked for hot sweet tea), and 1 White Rice (the price is IDR 5,000).

Aku memesan Paket Beduk 2, yang mana berisi Ayam Penyet + Nasi + Teh (Aku meminta teh manis panas), dan 1 Nasi Putih (harganya Rp5.000).











At the time of breaking the fast, I ate my foods and drink. The penyet chicken was delicious, the sambal of the penyet chicken was also delicious. I was so full...

Di saat waktu berbuka, aku menyantap makanan dan minumanku. Ayam Penyetnya enak, sambal ayam penyetnya juga enak. Aku kenyang sekali...

After "Ayam Penyet Podo Solo", we went to a mosque, then took my father to a cafe, then the four of us (me, my brother, my mother, my sister) went to Ramayana to shop.

Setelah dari "Ayam Penyet Podo Solo", kami ke sebuah masjid, lalu mengantar ayahku ke sebuah cafe, lalu kami berempat (aku, abangku, ibuku, kakakku) ke Ramayana untuk berbelanja.

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